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Tuition & Fees
Application & Enrollment Forms

Note: We have been open since October 2014. Availability is now limited, but we do keep a waiting list, and spaces sometimes open up. Best to contact us directly for information.

Parents interested in applying for their child's admission to Heart and Hands Montessori must first tour the school and observe the classroom. Then parents fill out an application form and submit the form with a non-refundable fee to the school office. Parents and the Director agree on a probable start date and parents submit the signed contract and enrollment fee. Before starting, each child must have the following documents in his or her file (forms downloadable below):
1. Application form (get form below) and receipt of application fee (see rate below, non-refundable but good for two years).
2. Enrollment fee that guarantees the agreed-upon starting date (non-refundable and equal to amount of one month's tuition; this is credited towards the first month).
3. Enrollment contract, signed.
4. Medical report and immunization documents.
5. Emergency medical consent form.
6. Emergency transportation form.
7. Authorization list of people able to pick up the child from the center.
8. Photography permission and release (optional).
9. Other forms: sunscreen permission.

Tuition Schedule -- 5 full days

Infants: $1559/month, increasing to $1637 4/1/19

Toddlers: $1437/month, increasing to $1509 4/1/19

For 3, 4, and 5 days per week see current rate sheet.

Application Fee: (non-refundable, good for two years) $125, increasing to $135 4/1/19.

Enrollment Fee: Equal to one-month's tuition (non-refundable, good for one year). The agreed-upon starting date is not guaranteed until this fee is paid. It is then credited to pay for the first month.


We bill at the end of each month for the following month's tuition. Each invoice shows what we have billed for, the time period involved, and payments to date.

We bill by the month for the number of days per week that your child is signed up. Sometimes parents ask the director for one or more extra days. If space is available such requests will be honored and extra-day rates are added to the invoice.

Please understand that we cannot adjust invoices if illness, holiday, weather, family trips or other such reasons prevent your child from attending.

For children starting mid-month or withdrawing mid-month (having given the required notice), pro-rated credits are applied.

Scholarship Inquiries

We are unable to offer scholarships at this time. Sometimes it is possible to accept Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) children. You can get Boulder County info here. Please understand that even if you qualify for CCAP we may not be in a position to accept you.

Application & Enrollment Forms

Application Form

Submitting this form is the first step to save a place for your child. A non-refundable Application Fee is paid as described above (click on "download", then print page that displays). Download

Enrollment Packet

This download includes all the forms you need for enrollment (click on "download", then print pages that display). Download

Hours, Schedules, Closures

The Center hours

The Center is open Mondays through Fridays from 7:15 am to 5:30 pm all through the year except for professional development (2.5 hours once per month), holidays and vacation breaks.

We attempt to follow the Boulder Valley School District's vacation and school closure schedule from August through June (closures for inclement weather are according to the Boulder Valley School District, see http://www.bvsd.org/).

Holidays Closures

The Center is closed for these holidays:

Here is the current annual calendar (click on "download", then print page that displays). Download

Heart and Hands Montessori follows Boulder Valley School District closures in the event of inclement weather, see http://www.bvsd.org/.

Updated - December 16, 2018

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