Boulder County, Colorado

Who We Are

Boulder County needs more and better centers for infants and toddlers. We have the knowledge, experience, love, and desire to help fill this need.

trackvw3Shady place for drawing on the easel, while others, further down, play in sandbox.
trackvw2The large circular track provides a great space to ride, push, and pull a wide array of vehicles.
trackvw1Toddlers will push, pull, drag all kinds of outdoor materials.
trackvw1The leaf pile gives opportunities for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors.

Our approach

Heart & Hands Montessori: A Rich and Fun Learning Environment for the Very Young!

The center offers full day, full year care to infants and toddlers. Center hours are convenient for the schedules of working parents. Most children will attend full time (5 days per week) which benefits their connection with the teachers and other children as well as to activities which support their development.

Unique program

High standards, full year, full day, comprehensive, vibrant.

Safe, nurturing, spacious.

Trained and specialized staff (Montessori and RIE).

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Important Points


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Key Elements

Updated - August 9, 2021

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