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boybowlWindows of Opportunity

Children this age pass through a series of stages where they are particularly open for learning in the areas of cognitive, social/emotional, language, large and small motor. We specialize in observing what each child is ready for and needs each day. We connect the child to an activity which promotes development in these key areas. This is how we take advantage of the “windows of opportunity.”

Montessori Method

Montessori is a system of education based on observing each child and offering that child an activity at his or her level of ability and interest. Lessons are offered to individuals or small groups and focus on developing abilities in cognitive, social/emotional, large and small motor, language and math. Science concepts are incorporated in nature activities. Music is a daily part of life and includes clapping to rhythms, playing instruments, listening to CDs of all sorts, and singing.

In addition manners are modeled and taught. This ranges from treating friends with respect, talking in quiet voices indoors, to pushing chairs under tables when we are finished. Another important aspect of Montessori is fostering independence for the child when he or she is ready.

For example, as soon as babies can walk, we allow them to move independently instead of carrying them. When they are able to begin to feed themselves and dress themselves, we let them do it, encouraging them a lot and helping only when necessary. As the child develops this extends to setting up activities, cleaning up, caring for possessions, and working together.

Click to see a video that explains what Montessori offers infants and toddlers.

RIE Approach

Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE) fosters respect for infants and toddlers and is similar to Montessori in many ways. Specifically here are guidelines of the program begun by Magda Gerber (The RIE Manual, for Parents and Professionals):

We have a RIE video that explains more.

Updated - August 10, 2021

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